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(Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology)
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My LinkedIn is a bit more up to date... Outdated information following now:

 o Technical computer sciences –finished 26th of March 2004 
    University of professional education at Hogeschool Drenthe 
    (http://www.hsdrenthe.nl) Due to the nature of the system of 
    education at my school I am not only capable of making myself 
    familiar with any subject. I can also do work individually 
    or as a team worker. 

 o Secondary education with an additional course in macroeconomics 
    Dr. Nassau College in Assen (Netherlands) (HAVO)

 o Additional language course English 
 o Basic course in hotel and catering industry (2002) “Sociale Hygiene”
 o (Allows me to be manager in a restaurant / hotel / bar or discotheque)
 o Basic course in first aid and fire control (2001) “Bedrijfshulpverlener”
 o Drivers license for car and motorcycle since spring and winter 1996
 o Basic course in heart massage (1996 & 1997 & 2001)

Languages: o Dutch native o English fluently in speech and writing (second language) o German basic speech and writing
Working experiences: o 2004 - now Full time job as a software engineer for Centric LOCUS in Almere. Work mostly revolves around a WMS built on an Oracle Database but includes programming in PL/SQL, C\C++, Powershell and Javascript. Also using XML and JSON. o 2003 - 2004 graduation internship at Warsaw University, faculty of Mathematics Informatics and Mechanics. I was working on a 4 month-project for my graduation internship (“afstudeer Opdracht”). The assignment included developing additions for an ORACLE database, for a MySQL database and a PHP driven website (see also: https://www.usos.edu.pl/about-usos). o 2002, February to June - worked/studied actively on an innovative school project that combines entrepreneurship with learning in a multi-disciplined environment. The project was built around the idea of letting students from different faculties come together and start their own company for half a year. In that time we had to accomplish some multi disciplined assignments as a team and keep the company healthy. (defunct website: http://www.learningcompanies.nl) o 2001 - half a year at EssentKabelcom. (broadband internet service provider, at least at the time.) Department of Planning and Control. School assignment (internship), worked there as a database programmer, continued this for almost half a year on freelance base for the company after finishing the original assignment. o 2000-2003 - Working as head-bartender on Friday and Saturday nights in Exodus, Emmen (defunct website: http://www.cafe-exodus.nl). o Summer 2000 - Working in a book company sorting out books for 4 weeks for “Studie Boeken Centrale Noord Nederland”. o Between 1999 and 2001 - Member of the board leading the student organization "Dionysus". Also active as a bartender for almost one and a half year and running (columnist, chief-editor and director) the monthly newspaper for almost 2 years for this organization. (defunct website: http://www.dionysus.nl) o 1995-2000 - Working in a large supermarket; Albert Heijn in Rolde on Fridays and Saturdays during the holidays. Work included working behind the register, in the vegetable department and later as assistant manager on the work floor.
Interests: o Oracle Databases and database technology o Business Intelligence reporting mechanisms and tools o Repairing and upgrading computers o Reading o Listening to music o Traveling o Bartending Last checked and updated on: 2023-10-10 Really wanted to do something here but once you get a job...

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